I joined the Creative Camera Club in November 2017 and these are a couple of my submissions that have been judged at the meetings.

cape town

I moved down to Cape Town on 1 November 2017 and discovered a beautiful world.

It may seem a bit, I don’t know, normal of me. I would often go on long walks with my camera in Johannesburg (wait, I think I heard my insurance company locking the safe) and I found some interesting things to take photos of, but nothing like the natural wealth of subjects in Cape Town.

Of course it does help that the Camera Club has a monthly meeting and we are each allowed to submit three images (one for the ‘subject of the month’, one for the creative photo shoot that we’re encouraged to attend and one totally random image which we took less than a year ago).

These images are then judged by a guest from another club and points are awarded, making photography a competitive event.

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