Product Photos for Online Stores

If you’re selling products through an online service like take-a-lot or Amazon, you’re going to want to present your product as well as you can, displayed on a white background to suit the sellers’ web site design.

I recommended that you keep the aspect ratio (width:height) and resolution (number of pixels) the same for every image. That can be a real challenge if you don’t have Photoshop training.

I offer a product photo service and I’ll help you meet all the requirements and get a good looking photo of your product online.

Photo Editing

If you prefer to take your own photos, I can help by removing the background so you can easily add the photos to your online shop.

Check out my “background removal / deep etching” page.

This demo image is in PNG format and shows a bakkie with partial background removal, I’ve put it onto a picture of clouds to illustrate what is possible – click on the image to open it in a lightbox without the cloud background.

The drawback of PNG images is that they are usually quite a lot larger than the same image in JPG format (he standard file type for photos on the web). I recommend putting images on a white background and exporting to JPG for normal, every day use. I can supply your images in either format.

This photo belongs to RLD Design and used to advertise their stainless steel canopies.

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