The Images on this page are linked to SketchFab, a fantastic service that allows me to share my 3D models on websites and social media – and it also works on mobile phones. Join SketchFab here (it’s free) to explore tons of 3D models.

You can use SketchFab to view 3D models with your VR set-up too.

To view the model in 3D, click on the view showing a triangular “play” button and wait for the model to load.

Controlling the 3D view:

On a PC you can change the direction of viewing by clicking and dragging in the live 3D view. Roll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. On Mobile devices, use 2 fingers and pinch gestures.

ZOOM: Click and drag while holding down the Ctrl-key.

PAN: Click and drag while holding down the Shift-key.

MOVE LIGHTS: Click and drag while holding down the Alt-key.

SketchUp by Trimble

SketchUp is useful from the earliest stages of design to the end of construction. Programming, diagramming, design development, detailing, documentation, RFIs—wherever you need drawings, you need SketchUp Pro.

You can get SketchUp Pro here.

I often use SketchUp to generate planning drawings for clients in the HVAC, kitchen installation and shop-fitting industries. It’s a versatile 3D CAD program and allows me to turn 2D drawings and sketches into 3D models to explore and present.

I often find that drawing up a building or room in 3D will save a lot of hassles in the final build – seeing your ideas allows you to make better decisions before you get to site.

Good planning saves time and trouble.

There is even a free version of SketchUp available, but it doesn’t allow you to make 2D drawings to print and take to site. It’s great for woodworking, decorating and some product design though.

CAD: Design & Draughting

SketchUp is very useful for planning construction projects and other Computer Aided Design. I can create illustrations and 3D models and design objects, showing how they fit together and ensuring that all the parts align. I can generate parts lists and cutting lists, you decide  on the level of detail you need. At times, simple box shapes are all you need to plan out an idea, it is possible to design intricate shapes and brackets too.

Using Sketchup Pro I can create drawings 2D drawings from the 3D models and these can be exported as PDFs for portability and printing.

Here are a couple of examples of SketchUp 2D drawings:

An HVAC plan (PDF, excerpt)

An Extractor Fan with drop down louvres (PDF)

A 2D view of the flat, showing some dimensions (JPG)


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